Inktoberfest: Day 1

So it is INKTOBER … or, at least, it will be Inktober in October proper. Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. My general inking skills are pretty sucky, so I intend to get going with Inktober so I can get the practice.


HOWEVER, because of my involvement with the Opera, I intend to start a  few days earlier because I am basically going to spend a lot of time in opera rehearsals once Tech week and show week are here. So… buying myself some time by starting early.

The FIRST theme prompt of Inktober is ‘SWIFT’ … so here is an ink rendering of my character Gyre, the grandson of the White Rabbit. Unlike other speedsters, Gyre is not actually a speedster because he is supernaturally fast. He is swift, being the rabbit that he is.  But the magical pocket-watch that is set into his wristband (a pocket-watch that belongs to his grandfather) allows Gyre to slow down time around him, allowing to move at apparently great speeds.

That magic watch comes with a price, though: abuse it too often, and Time will take offense at being killed, and the watch-user may find that he is the one being slowed down!





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